New for 2024, discover our full collection of all-encompassing Guides for each of our product categories. 

Focused on innovation and driven by our commitment to inspire fresh design-led styles, our team has expertly collated one of our boldest collections to date. Our 2024 collection showcases a diverse range of newness, encompassing more than 450 individually crafted products, including 20 new furniture collection and our exciting 'readymade' upholstery offering. With each built with ease of shopping in mind, it couldn't be easier to find exactly what you're looking for from our complete offering across all categories.


Our 2024 Furniture collection showcases a diverse range of newness, encompassing more than 275 individually crafted products. Including 20 new furniture collections and our exciting 'readymade' upholstery offering, these new styles have been seamlessly incorporated into our already vast product range.


By seamlessly blending Accessories and Textiles for the first time, we've made it easier than ever to discover the perfect finishing touches for all interiors.

Immerse yourself in a world of Accessories and Textiles carefully selected to add character, from sleek modern vases to opulent velvet cushions.


Our Lighting collections offer an easy to shop solution for creating a seamlessly coordinated aesthetic.

Our diverse range enables you to elevate any space, so for those preferring a more electic look, there are endless possibilities by combining and pairing our extensive lighting options across shapes, styles and materials.


With a focus on design, function and durability, our new Outdoor collection is one of our best, most tailored ranges to date.

By bringing in what is our most rounded collections to date, we have been able to bring an array of styles to the garden that echo our enthusiasm and love for our other categories.


With over 350 individually crafted products, our 2024 Mirror collection includes over 45 new designs across every category.

We've introduced inspiring finishes that utilise some of the finest and diverse materials, from stunning glass on glass mirrors to painted wood, and minimalist metal.