COVID-19 Update

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Gallery Direct’s Response to Covid-19

Gallery Direct is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and customers, and we are confident that we are meeting, and even exceeding, current legislation regarding Covid-19, for the well-being of all.

We have taken a number of pro-active steps across all areas of our business, which includes our office, warehouse & showroom facilities and our transport team, and we are asking our employees to follow clear guidelines designed to manage any risk.

We are determined to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of this dreadful disease, so have put in a great deal of time and effort, including engaging 3rd party experts, to help us ensure we go above and beyond what is required.


General – Office, Warehouse & Showroom Facilities

We are complying with the Government’s guidance, including the FIVE STEPS TO SAFER WORKING TOGETHER:

  • A full COVID-19 risk assessment has been undertaken and the results shared with all our colleagues - a copy is available below
  • Cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures are in place in line with Government guidance
  • All reasonable steps have been taken to help our colleagues work from home
  • A 2m distancing rule is in place, where possible, across the Gallery workplace (including displaying floor markings to reinforce the distance)
  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, everything practical has been done to manage the transmission risk, including the issuing of PPE


We have also taken the following additional steps, including but not limited to:

  • A ‘deep clean’ of the warehouse, including all racking, has been undertaken
  • Regular cleaning of all equipment is being carried out
  • Temperature checks are being carried out daily for all our employees coming into work (and if there are concerns, the appropriate quarantine rules are being followed)
  • Public transport is only to be used by employees where essential
  • A plentiful supply of PPE, in particular gloves and face masks, is available for staff use
  • A range of signage is in place, covering social distancing, handwashing, etc.
  • Contact with vulnerable people is being avoided


Transport – the Gallery Fleet

A separate risk assessment has been undertaken in relation to the roles performed by our Transport team – a copy of the results is available below. We have taken a range of steps, in line with government guidelines. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Only doorstep/contactless deliveries are to be undertaken (unfortunately no product assembly or waste removal will be available at this time)
  • Temperature checks are taking place daily for all members of the transport team when they arrive at work (and appropriate quarantine steps will be taken should any of the results cause concern)
  • Fixed pairs of drivers will work together, to reduce interaction between different team members, and they will work avoiding contact with each other
  • For loading and off-loading, only one member of the team is to be in the back of the vehicle at one time (following appropriate manual handling guidelines)
  • Acrylic sneeze guard screens have been fitted in vehicles
  • All vehicles are sufficiently ventilated and are being cleaning regularly
  • Appropriate PPE is being worn when social distancing is not possible
  • All team members wash/sanitise hands regularly
  • Face coverings are to be changed when they become damp or unusable


Ongoing Response

For all aspects of our business, all our procedures are reviewed regularly and in line with changes to government guidelines, and we will continue to ensure that we not only meet, but where possible exceed, the requirements.


Thank you

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unusual time, we appreciate your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team for general queries or discuss with the Transport Management team for transport related issues.

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